Monday, April 6, 2009

Mildly Bad News

I took Roscoe in today for his annual shots, etc. He tested positive for heartworm. My bad, I know. I should have taken better care of him. He has to stay at the vet's until Wednesday, while they administer medication and observe his reaction. Then when he comes home he has to stay relatively calm for two weeks, iirc. THEN they have to test for baby heartworms. If he has those, it's another type of treatment. You see, dogs get the adult heartworms first, then they get the babies. So the adult heartworms are killed first, then the dog is tested for babies, and treated if they are present. It sucks. The good news is that the vet said they have had a 100% success rate in eliminating the heartworms.

Rosie and Celie were both tested during their annual visits and were negative. They're on heartworm preventative meds now.

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