Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blogging in Sick

I guess you should actually blog in sick while you're sick, not once you're feeling better. But for obvious reasons (I hope) I didn't do that.

What a week!

On Sunday evening I was standing on a plastic chair trying to rescue a hummingbird that was stuck on my front porch. As I stepped down from the chair my legs got all tangled and I fell. My head hit the concrete. The first thing I thought about was Natasha Richardson. So I climbed into my car and drove to the emergency room. After a couple of hours and a CT scan, I was released. No serious injury, thank God. I do have a bump on my head and the technician confirmed that I still have my marbles. (Some of them, at least.)

On Moday I went to work, but about noon I started coughing. I thought it was probably allergy-related, since that happens to me all the time. I take some Mucinex and everything's fine. On Tuesday I called in sick, still coughing and with a slight fever. By Tuesday aftgernoon my fever had reached 101.7ยบ. I was putting cold compresses on my head and taking acetaminophen. I was also taking nighttime medicine for coughing. That helped a lot. I called in sick again on Wednesday. The boss was pissed. Oh well. It's not like I plan these things. My temperature finally came back to normal, so I stopped the cold compresses. A few hours later it was back up to 99.8.

I finally got up and tried to eat something. So far so good. I'm starting to cough again. I haven't had any of the cough syrup for awhile so that's probably why.

I've got someone checking on me who will help me if I need it.

I'm going to take some cough medicine now. I hope I can stay awake for LOST, but if not, I'll be able to watch it tomorrow on or on my TiVo.

I'm off for the next two days so I'll have some healing time without having to call in sick to the mean, old boss again.

So I still am a little sick, so "Blogging in Sick" while I am sick does apply.

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