Sunday, April 5, 2009

Movie: Out of Time

A Denzel Washington flick. Whenever I get these I think, "I'm probably not going to like this." I'm always wrong. Well, so far. In the beginning Denzel's character is the chief of a tiny police force, getting a divorce, and fooling around with the wife of a lunatic (who is played by the ever cute Dean Cain). Things take a turn. And the fun begins! It's a good movie and worth the cost of rental. (I used to buy movies until I realized, (1) I can't really afford them, and (2) what's the point? I almost never watch them again.)

I don't know what it was that made me start thinking negative things about DW's movies. I can't think of any of them that I haven't enjoyed. I think one day I just started thinking that DW isn't as sexy and cool as everyone thinks. Don't know why I started thinking that, either.

Another Movie

I also watched "Saving Grace." This the movie that, I'm pretty sure, was the basis for the TV show "Weeds." They're both about a woman who begins growing marijuana in order to pay the bills. I've never seen the TV show. The movie was good. It stars Craig Ferguson, who apparently wrote, directed, produced, etc., the movie. It's a Brit flick.

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