Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Brush with History

Here's an article about a woman I served with. We were both in the Army, stationed at the 330th ASA Company (AVN FWD), which was a unit operating the Guardrail system. She was a pilot. I was a Voice Intercept Operator. She was the Army's first female helicopter pilot, and the Army's first female fixed-wing pilot. I was proud to serve with her.

After we'd served together, I tried to get her to be my reenlisting officer, even though we were stationed in different parts of the USA. Unfortunately, there was no way to pull of a reenlistment ceremony unless we were in the same place.

I've never had children, and never wanted to have children, but I always thought that I'd name a girl Sally, after Sally Murphy and Sally Ride.

I've often wondered what became of Sally Murphy. Now, thanks to this article, I know!

I found this video clip in which Sally Murphy talks about the unit she and I served in together.

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Freak said...

Hi Suzie-Q!

I loved this story. I really got emotional to see the video with the nice interview.

I believe nowadays young people can't imagine how it must have been for women all along history. Women in the last 100, 50, 30 and even 20 years have achieved so much... But it is still so much left to achieve, even so much work to do with ourselves, we women... Our societies are still very "machista" what means it's secretly believed men are superior or better and some people still make women believe they are not right in many ways. Many people should improve as a person related to this matter.

I also liked your umbrella-hat club. So bad I don't have one... ;)

Nice blogs.