Sunday, July 15, 2012

Coughing, Then A Headache.

I was coughing more than usual this morning. I always cough a little because I have allergies that cause the mucus to drain into my lungs while I'm sleeping. But today I coughed a lot. I was a little worried that, maybe I'd caught a cold. But the coughing has stopped. Instead, now I have a headache. I think it't the weather. It feels like it's the weather. It was sunny this morning, then we got a heavy thundershower. Then it was sunny again. Now it looks like the rain could come back. Good news is that the temperature lowered to 80 degrees F (26.6C).

Bad news: My air conditioner just quit working. That means I'll be calling the repairman tomorrow. He's probably overdue for a visit anyway!

I watched the movie "Red Tails" yesterday. It was very good. See it if you haven't already.

I thought I had more to write about, but I guess I don't.

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