Thursday, July 19, 2012

Psych and the Internet

One of my favorite shows on TV now is Psych, and my favorite color is green, so when I got my I-really-can't-afford-it iPhone, I wanted to get the cover that Shawn has on his iPhone in the show. I checked on and found it. It wasn't expensive, thank goodness. Some of the other cases I saw that I liked cost a small fortune. So now I have the official Psych cover on my iPhone.
That's Buddy on my shoulder. He mostly wants to be held when I'm trying to do something on the computer.

With some effort I've finally hooked up my DirecTV DVR to the Internet. There's no extra charge for this, except for the price of the "connection kit," which consists of an electronic box to pick up a wifi signal, and a couple of cables. The kit cost a little less than $40. (It used to be $80.) It would have been real easy to do if I'd read the instructions thoroughly before I started. But when it comes to instructions, my masculine side emerges, and I skip them. Eventually, though, I had to look them over. I also looked at the online instructions on the DirecTV website. Now I'm connected. After I finish doing my daily computer ritual things, I'll go check it out to see how it actually works. (After you connect it, you have to wait a bit for it to download what it needs to actually connect.) What I'm most interested in is watching movies over the Internet on the TV instead of the computer. I paid for Amazon Prime, but haven't watched many movies because I don't want to watch them on the computer.

I didn't go to see the doctor yesterday because the appointment was canceled - not by me! I'll have to call and reschedule. I should have done that today but I completely forgot about it until now.

The grass I planted in the backyard is doing very well, but the weed are growing up among the grass, so I'm going to have to mow. I didn't want to because the grass is young and fine and I'm worried I'll kill it. But the only way to get the weeds mowed is to mow the grass.

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