Sunday, July 8, 2012

I've Been Real Tired

I've been real tired, lately. Even more tired that usual. I've tried to make an appointment with my doctor, but they say they're going to call me back and never do. I'll try again tomorrow.

I have been busy trying to get used to my knew iPhone - a phone I couldn't afford and shouldn't have bought. But when Virgin Mobile said they were going to offer it, I decided I wanted it. I confess - I have coveted. I coveted "apps" that I saw advertised but that were only available for the iPhone. So now I have the iPhone and some apps and it's getting old. So is Siri. I wanted to play with Siri, and I have. She's no fun. You'd think Apple could have programmed a little fun into her.

Sorry this is so short. As I said, I'm really very tired. I don't think well when I'm tired.

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