Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Awake and Alert, Sort of

This is the first time I've felt some version of awake and alert for quite some time. I went to bed at 6 a.m., got three hours of sleep, got up, ate breakfast, drank coffee, and got on the computer. Too bad I don't have a damned thing to write about. Oh wait, I guess I do.

I had a nice online chat this morning with my niece who sent me a link to photos of her newest "grandkids." Her boy sired the cuties. We also touched on the current relationship between myself and my two brothers. When I started getting teary eyed we changed the subject. Still, the chat was nice since we don't communicate very often.

Then I got a surprise when my half-sister started a chat with me. She and I don't communicate much, either. In fact, we've only actually seen each other twice in our lives, when we were both very young. She was too young to remember. She is my dad's daughter, born after my parents divorced and dad remarried. We had a great, fun time discussing the pros and cons of boyfriends and husbands. She told me that she is now in a very healthy and happy relationship, and I'm very happy for her. (Gotta get one of those for me.)

It's a balmy 72 degrees here in central Texas. Windows are open! Don't be jealous. It's going to get real cold real fast in a few hours. (Well, real cold for central Texas!)


Rev. CMOT TMPV said...

You want a boyfriend so you can sire a puppy? Or did I get lost on the way? :) :D

Sue Wacvet said...

Yes, you definitely got lost. You surely did. /sigh/