Thursday, December 3, 2009

Let's Take Christ OUT of Christmas

Okay, here's what we do: We continue to have a holiday in December and keep doing all the things we do, EXCEPT we remove any reference to Jesus and the birth of Christ. We make it a non-religious holiday celebrating, say, the winter solstice (the way it started). No religious symbols, no nativities, no special church services - nothing. Just a tree and presents, Santa Claus, reindeer, egg nog. Good food, good times. We will call it something else. (Saturnalia would be too pagan, don't you think?) I'm open for suggestions. Maybe "Solstice Day"?

I am totally serious.

Why do I feel this way? Because Jesus Christ was NOT born on December 25, or on any day close to December 25. Because the things people do to celebrate "the birth of Christ" are pagan in origin and have nothing to do with Jesus or Christianity. Because God does not approve of us doing pagan things, but Satan loves to see us celebrating this way.

Christians! Do your homework!!!

If you really want to know more about why I feel the way I do, you can  read this booklet online. Or you can download it (in PDF format) to read it on your computer or print it out.

If we do this then everyone can still have their fun and celebrate in their own special way, but we don't have to feel guilty about how we celebrate the birth of Christ.

When do we celebrate the birth of Christ? We don't, because we don't know when he was born and because the Bible says nothing about celebrating His birth - just about commemorating His death.

Who's with me?!!

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