Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I have two laptop computers. Problem is, they're very old laptops. One is a "NEC" brand that runs Windows 98. The other is a Mac that's incredibly slow. It runs OS9. I have been letting these laptops sit around and collect dust. Now I think I'm going to do something with them.

Yesterday I wiped the hard drive of the Windows laptop and reinstalled everything so that I could get rid of it. I'll probably sell it on ebay, if there's any sort of market. I haven't researched that yet, so I'm not sure. If not ebay, then I'll probably just donate it to somebody somewhere. There must be organizations online that want old computers, just as there are organizations that want old cell phones. (I have a pile of those, too, come to think of it.) As far as I can tell, the laptop works fine. It has an internal CD drive (don't think it's writable, but not really sure), and an external dial-up modem and floppy drive.

As far as the Mac, I think I'm going to keep that for now. Even though it's old and slow, it works just fine, and it will give me the ability to get away from my desk from time to time. I will use it to write letters and blog posts - that sort of thing. I'll have to transfer the files to my desktop for posting and/or printing, since the laptop isn't connected to anything.

Weather Report

It's an ugly day outside. Overcast, rainy, cold. It must have snowed a little at some point because there is some snow in the tree in the backyard, in the V part where the trunk separates into branches. (Would you believe I couldn't find what that's called on the Internet?! Amazing!)

I'm completely out of dog food and really need to go out and buy some, but I don't feel like it! Don't worry. The dogs won't starve. I fed them well this morning - canned food mixed with dry. This evening I'll give them some turkey hot dogs. I usually give them one turkey dog apiece each evening because Celie needs to take medication and I always stuff her pill in a turkey dog. Today I'll give them a couple each. They'll think they've gone to heaven!

Oh, wait. I just remembered I do have some "Moist and Meaty." That's not a staple around here. I sprinkle a little on top of their dry food (Purina One), sort of like whipped cream on pie. So they won't go hungry between now and tomorrow.

Rosie will act like she's starving. She has me trained. She'll make a little whiney noise and that means I'm supposed to get up and get her a snack. She'll continue to make the whiney noises until I finally do get up, or go crazy.

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